Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles

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Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles

#01 The Master’s Sun
Comedy, Horror, Melodrama, Romance, Supernatural
Votes: 15,878

#02 Reply 1997
Comedy, Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Votes: 13,539

#03 Love Rain
Melodrama, Romance
Votes: 9,538

#04 She Was Pretty
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Votes: 8,265

#05 Oh My Ghost
Comedy, Food, Romance, Supernatural
Votes: 7,031

#06 I Remember You
Investigation, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Thriller
Votes: 6,306

#07 Reply 1994
Drama, Family, Friendship, Life, Romance, Youth
Votes: 4,888

#08 High School King of Savvy
Business, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports
Votes: 3,999

#09 Another Parting
Drama, Romance
Votes: 1,219

#10 The King’s Face
Action, Drama, Historical, Political, Romance, Thriller
Votes: 606

#11 Rascal Sons
Comedy, Family, Romance
Votes: 230

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10 thoughts on “Top Seo In Guk Drama Acting Roles

  1. Watching some of Seo Inguk drama, makes me think that definitely he really is a vertile actor, that can portray each character with a depth and give justice to the every role. It's nice to watch a drama that is done with the same actor doing not same approach toward the character he or she is portraying. I must say that the acting skills of Seo Inguk is highly appreciated for he did his character in every drama, perfectly well with excellence.

  2. She Was Pretty was totally wrong, because Inguk bae just barely there. Honestly I liked all his drama, because of his consistent potrayal of his characters, even though some of them flopped. But if I must rank his dramas though; High School King of Savvy would be first, Shopping King Louie second, Reply 1997 on the third. Honorary mention; I Remember You and 38 Task Force.

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