MJ1990’s Ragefest Contest IV Submission 2: Trapped In Painful Places By Alusq [PART 2]

… So yeah, it’s unfortunate that the submission ended up being so broken and unenjoyable in the end, but I still think it’s high quality enough that I’m gonna revise the Ragefest rules so that it will at the very least still be eligible for SOME awards, but not all of them. With this, my hope is that people who worked hard but get disqualified can still get the recognition they deserve.

Ragefest IV artwork courtesy of Feraligono from Serenes Forest

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14 thoughts on “MJ1990’s Ragefest Contest IV Submission 2: Trapped In Painful Places By Alusq [PART 2]

  1. I think you most likely noticed this, but there was a Dragon Axe in the shop. Couldn't you give that to Sqawl? Or can he only use lances?

  2. That Eliwood animation physically affected me; I lurched back while sitting and gripped the arms of the chair. It's okay, because I then laughed the hardest I've laughed all week. 9/10, would lurch again.

  3. Well, if there's one thing the Emblem Brigade knows how to do, it's pulling out all the stops when it comes to making a hack flashy!

  4. Hey Marc, are you on Twitch still? I know you we're before, but I can't find you now. Do they have to be currently streaming? Also, when is the next Ragefest (if there will ever be one)? I'm new to FE hacking, and mainly am having trouble with portraits. Also I need a new PC.

    I blame Canada.

  5. Omg Sqawl!  So glad he entered Ragefest!  And that Titanwood doe. XD
    The eventing in this is great; lots of fun to watch!  Though the end didn't turn out as planned, Sqawl should be proud.  This is solid work, with several creative and hilarious twists.  It's the little things like his use of alternate mugs, sound effects/music, map changes, red text color, etc. that show how much care went into this.

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