Keyword Ranking Farce | C3 2015 | Wil Reynolds

Before you watch, get the basics on keyword ranking and keyword research in this guide:

In this Conductor C3 presentation, Wil Reynolds of Seer Interactive shares a tough SEO truth: you can be number one in the search engine results pages, but still fail as a marketer. (Don’t believe him? Listen to the Airbnb VS VRBO keyword ranking case study at 03:40 .)

Keyword ranking, says Wil Reynolds, isn’t what it used to be, and won’t necessarily get you the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) your business needs. The “rank fast with keywords” mentality is no longer effective, and possibly detrimental. Someday soon, Wil Reynolds explains, SEOs will be judged on something other than where their content appears on the search engine results pages.

What will marketers be judged on, if not keyword ranking? According to Wil Reynolds, they’ll be judged on whether they understand and fix their customers’ friction points. “Fixing customer problems is at the core of organic marketing.” – Wil Reynolds ( 11:30 )

In this C3 presentation, Wil Reynolds urges marketers to think beyond keyword ranking and create content that helps their customers solve problems, learn new skills, and “become a better, smarter me.” ( 16:10 )

So how can marketers break out of the bad habit of fixating on keyword ranking? Start with a business problem, says Wil Reynolds. Then, come up with a solution that does not involve a keyword ranking strategy. That’s where innovation begins. ( 41:50 )

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4 thoughts on “Keyword Ranking Farce | C3 2015 | Wil Reynolds

  1. I think Wil is in a bubble. Sure what he is saying works for big brand companies, how would this work for a small business in the service industry.

  2. All of this is solid gold. It's about killer content that makes people a better version of themselves, and creating such a positive aura around your brand that you people look for you, regardless of Google or any other platform.

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