Chris Before Coffee – 10 Ways To Fire Your SEO Guru – 20th August 2014

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My guests today:
Anna Kurth from Berlin:
Victoria van Eyk:
Jamie Nelson:
Thomas Hunt (Mad Bitcoins):
Theo Goodman:
Nick (Pie Rebel):

# Linky goodness from today’s show:

**Journalism & Public Relations a dichotomy**
“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”
—George Orwell

The Internet’s Original Sin by Ethan Zuckerman (the guy who invented popups)

ChangeTip Wants To Kill Clickbait With Social Bitcoin Micropayments

Definition of Click bait

Did Dorian Johnson Lie about Mike Brown shooting?

The Meta Narrative

**Bitcoin Price**
Let’s have a serious discussion as to wtf is driving the price down

Let’s have a serious discussion as to wtf is driving the price down, and what the catalyst will be for an upward trend? from Bitcoin

Featured reply from /u/MrMadden

Tuur Demeester Tweets:

Chris mentions…
Breaching the monetary Matrix: Five exercises to help you understand money
By Brett Scott

“Margin trading is like doubling down on your stupidity”
—Jamie Nelson

Bitcoin prices flash crash on BTC-e due to margin calls

The Milgram Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figures
-raised by Victoria

**Bitcoin Developer Watch**
Bitcoin Developer Mailing List

Moving Away from Github

Gavin Tweets Something Important-Sounding

Gavin Tweets Something Important-Sounding from Bitcoin

Featured reply from /u/throwaway43572

The Bitcoin Foundation does not at the monopoly on paying developers
Gavin’s Tweet

Gavin Andresen’s proposal re Block Propogation

Learn more about: Cube Drone – Bloom Filters

Cloud mining should be using merkle sum trees to prove they aren’t doing fractional reserve mining – Peter Todd

**End of Show Wrap-up**
Block chain time

Highlights !

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8 thoughts on “Chris Before Coffee – 10 Ways To Fire Your SEO Guru – 20th August 2014

  1. 1:25:15 bitcoin core does let you set 0 fees, I did it with the command line. You have to set a flag in the config file, there are 2 similar flags. 1 flag attempts to send at 0, but lets the miner add the standard fee to process. The other flag demands a 0 fee. Your transaction is likely not to be processed if you do this.

  2. Gavin Andresen’s proposal for Block Propagation is a bandaid for a poor btc design, the winner talk all block reward. The reward being so big and the fees being so small distort the market. It's money printing causing problems again!

  3. Knowledge is power!? Meaningless cliche. No, what we have right now is POWER is knowledge. Political power determines what can be called knowledge to be promoted, ad to be clicked and everything else like truth, individual freedom, decentralization, etc etc is just noise.

  4. Constitution?! You and what army? Government is the monopoly of coercive force. No laws will ever be above the "gun." Like Mao Zedong said, "New regime comes out of the barrel of a gun."

  5. olive oil?!?!? 🙂 is that what they teaching u ??? it most be one of those anglosaxonik stereotypes….
    try to visit my country ,u will find many ancient baths or (λουτρα) as we call them 😉

  6. Just to revisit the Milgram experiment that was mentioned. I think Chris in a hurry could read the text fully.

    It actually says that 3% survey thought they might use the full voltage. 
    In the actual experiment 65% actually went to the full voltage.

    This suggests that managers don't realise that they are pressuring people to the extreme. Which I think was adequately demonstrated in the video.

    Interestingly I was always taught in 2 separate British Universities that it was an unrepeated unethical experiment. So why did former British Politician (an escapee from the Thatcher government and regime) actually conduct the experiment for a tv show on the BBC to show us about torture).

    Did the BBC not know it is unethical? Do they pressurise naive and infrequent presenter at that time into new ideas to show off?  Though we know they don't know anything about anything else they do. Apart from the volume of empty space in a packet of crisps. And sure managers don't know to care. Lack of education.

  7. Calling us a zombie coin is a bit farfetched I think. We have a very active dev team and have a lot of features coming up the 30th of August, for more info check our bitcointalk thread 🙂
    There were indeed more Pandacoins, they died, we (Pandacoin PND) survived and we're aiming to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. If you want more info, feel free to pop by on the forum or on irc #Pandacoinpnd on freenode.

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