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In the world of SEO NJ, the first spot in the search engine results is premier real estate. But to seize the coveted top search ranking requires two basic things: having good technology and good content. Having one without the other simply won’t do; it takes both elements in order to achieve the desired New Jersey SEO result.
Keep in mind that having the right content without good technology won’t help you achieve superior NJ SEO results. Conversely, having good technology sans the right content would still not amount to anything.

Many New Jersey SEO specialists believed having text that’s easy to read would result in a having the content rank higher in search results. However, by measuring the content’s readability and making a comparison with the rankings, that simply wasn’t the case; there was no correlation between easy-to-read content and higher search rankings.
During the Google Hummingbird days, the search algorithm was devised to become more aware with semantics, enabling it to fathom more synonyms. As a result, fewer unique domains began to appear in the search results. But seeing how searchers were impacted with the algorithm change, Google went back to having greater diversity in the search engine results page.
But with all these changes, one thing remained since Hummingbird; the wide assortment of unique domains appearing in search results, which were preceded with searches beginning with the question words who, what, where, how, and why.
Since then, Google has evolved to become better at understanding the different meaning behind every search. This led to having fewer domains appearing in search results. Thus, the SEO paradigm has shifted.

If you want your website to appear prominently in search results, New Jersey SEO experts opined you don’t have to insert more links or incorporate more keywords into your page. Instead of focusing on quantity, try diverting your attention to content quality. The trick, they say, is in optimizing for topics and being relevant.
Take the case of the world’s best optimized website Wikipedia. This website continues to occupy the prime real estate in many search pages because it offer meaningful answers to searchers. It tries to answer questions and respond to inquiries. And for this, users love Wikipedia’s content, which, in turn, makes search engines love Wikipedia. And for that, Wikipedia is unstintingly rewarded in the search rankings.
The future of SEO NJ Consulting will no longer be dictated by the number of keywords or quantity of links. Instead it will be focused on giving users what they need to know. It will be about enhancing the user’s search experience. In the end, SEO will no longer be about search engine optimization; rather, it will be search experience optimization.

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